Welder Jobs in Dubai for Pakistani: Salary, Benefits, and Opportunities

welder jobs in dubai for pakistani

Welder Jobs in Dubai for Pakistani: Salary, Benefits, and Opportunities


Job title Skilled Welder Salary 1668 – 1768 Dirham (AED)
Available / Total Jobs 48 / 50 Place of Duty UAE, United Arab Emirates
Job Benefits
Free Accommodation: Yes
Free Food: No
Free Ticket: Yes
Free Medical: Yes
Health Insurance: Yes

Free Transportation: Yes


Dubai is a global hub of commerce, industry, and innovation, offering plenty of job opportunities for skilled workers from around the world. Pakistani expats are among the largest communities in the UAE, with over 1.5 million residents, and many of them work in the construction, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. If you are a Pakistani welder or aspiring to become one, you might want to explore the job market in Dubai and find out what types of jobs are available, what are the expectations, and what are the benefits and challenges of working in this thriving metropolis.

The welding profession is in high demand in Dubai, as the city is constantly expanding with new buildings, roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects. Welders use a variety of tools and techniques to join metal parts, repair equipment, and maintain structures. They should have good eyesight, steady hands, and strong attention to detail, as well as the ability to read blueprints, follow safety protocols, and communicate effectively with other team members. Welders may work in different industries, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and fabrication, depending on their skills and experience.


The average salary for a welder job in Dubai for Pakistani nationals ranges from 1668 AED to 1768 AED per month, depending on the employer, the project, and the level of expertise required. This may seem low compared to other countries, but it is important to consider the cost of living in Dubai and the benefits that come with the job. Some of the benefits of working as a welder in Dubai for Pakistani nationals include:

  • Free accommodation: Many employers provide free housing for their workers, which can save a lot of money and hassle for expats who have to pay rent or share apartments with others. The accommodation may vary in size, location, and quality, so it is important to ask about it before accepting the job offer.
  • Free ticket: Employers may also offer free round-trip tickets to their workers, which can help them save on travel expenses and visit their families in Pakistan or other countries. The ticket may be valid for one or two years, depending on the contract.
  • Free medical: Most companies provide free medical insurance for their employees, which covers basic healthcare services and emergencies. Expats should make sure that the insurance covers pre-existing conditions, maternity, dental, and prescription drugs, as well as the cost of hospitalization and surgery.
  • Health insurance: In addition to the free medical insurance, some companies may offer more comprehensive health insurance plans that include wellness programs, annual check-ups, and access to specialist doctors and hospitals. These plans may have some cost sharing or deductibles, but they can provide peace of mind and quality care.
  • Free transportation: Depending on the location of the worksite and the company policy, workers may be provided with free transportation to and from work, which can save them time, money, and stress. The transportation may be in the form of buses, vans, or cars, and it may have fixed schedules or flexible arrangements.
  • Free food: While some employers offer free meals or allowances for food, others do not include this benefit, which means that the worker has to buy or cook their own food. However, Dubai has a wide variety of affordable and delicious food options, ranging from street food to upscale restaurants, so workers can find something to suit their taste and budget.


Working as a welder in Dubai for Pakistani nationals can be a rewarding and challenging experience, as it offers a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and contribute to the development of one of the most dynamic cities in the world. With the right mindset, attitude, and preparation, you can make the most of your opportunities and build a successful career in welding job in Dubai.

Contact Details To Join Welder Job in Dubai for Pakistani Bellow

Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) Details
OEP Licence 2578/LHR , New Al-Hadeed Enterprises Valid
OEP Contact AHSAN AZEEM , 134-A Block-C, Nawab Town, Raiwind Road , Lahore , Punjab
Phone No: 04235313263
Mobile No: 3009435325
Email: admin@newalhadeed.com

Offer Expiry Date 01/08/2023  if job offer Expire Then Click Here For Latest Dubai jobs for pakistani


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