Security Guard Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani People – A Great Opportunity with Attractive Benefits

By | June 4, 2023

security guard jobs in Saudia arabia

Security Guard Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani People – A Great Opportunity with Attractive Benefits

Are you a Pakistani citizen looking for a career opportunity abroad? Have you considered working as a security guard in Saudi Arabia? With the growing security needs in the country, there is a high demand for skilled and trained security personnel, and Pakistani nationals are preferred due to their experience and work ethic. Moreover, Saudi employers offer numerous perks and benefits, making the job even more attractive for the Pakistani workforce.

Let’s explore the different aspects of security guard jobs in Saudi Arabia and their advantages.

Salary and Benefits Security guard jobs in Saudi Arabia offer a reasonable salary package with additional benefits. The starting salary for a security guard in Saudi Arabia is approximately SR1200-SR1400 per month (~PKR 91,000 РPKR 110,000), which is subject to increase with experience and skills. Moreover, employers in Saudi Arabia offer other benefits such as free accommodation, free food, free tickets, free medical, health insurance, and free transportation, making it a lucrative offer for Pakistani nationals.

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Accommodation, Food, and Transportation Free accommodation is provided by the employers, usually in a shared apartment or a bunk bed-style dormitory. The accommodation is usually furnished and equipped with basic amenities such as a kitchen, washing machine, fridge, etc., making it comfortable for the employees. Moreover, the accommodation is close to the workplace, ensuring easy access.

Employers also provide free food to the employees, either through dining facilities or voucher systems. The food is usually Middle Eastern and Pakistani cuisine, catering to the Pakistani employees’ tastes and preferences.

Free transportation is also provided by the employer, ensuring that the employees reach their workplace on time without any hassle. The transportation is usually in the form of buses, which are safe and reliable.

Medical and Health Insurance Employers in Saudi Arabia provide free medical facilities to their employees. The medical facilities are usually provided through government hospitals or private clinics, depending on the employer’s agreement. Moreover, the employers also provide health insurance coverage, which covers the costs of medical treatments, including emergency medical conditions.

Working Conditions and Requirements Security guard jobs in Saudi Arabia are usually demanding, requiring long hours of standing or walking. It is essential to be physically fit and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to pass the employers’ selection criteria. Moreover, the applicant must have a valid passport and a clean criminal record to work in Saudi Arabia.

Job Details
Job title SECURITY GUARD Salary 1400 Rial (SAR)
Available / Total Jobs 10 / 10 Place of Duty RIYADH, Saudi Arabia

Benefits Seurity guard jobs in Sudia Arabia for pakistani


Free Accommodation: Yes
Free Food: Yes
Free Ticket: Yes
Free Medical: Yes
Health Insurance: Yes
Free Transportation: Yes

Offer Expiry Date 16/08/2023

Contact details to join Security guard jobs in Saudia Arabia for pakistani


Faisal Riaz , Office 01, Bunglow No. 4-D, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, , Karachi East , Sindh
Phone No: +92-21-34391112-3,
Fax No: +92-21-34391114


security guard jobs in Saudi Arabia provide a great opportunity for Pakistani nationals to work abroad and earn a decent income. With the added benefits of free accommodation, food, tickets, medical facilities, health insurance, and transportation, it makes it an attractive choice for many. However, it is necessary to consider the working conditions and requirements before applying for the job. With the right skills and mindset, Pakistani nationals can succeed in the security guard industry in Saudi Arabia.

Security Guard Jobs in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani People – A Great Opportunity with Attractive Benefits

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