Security Guard Jobs in Dubai For Pakistani Salary 2770

By | February 14, 2023

security guard jobs in dubai for pakistani

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai For Pakistani Salary 2770

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai For Pakistani Salary 2770
Job title Security Guard Salary 2000 – 2770 Dirham (AED)
Available / Total Jobs 100 / 100 Place of Duty Abu dhabi UAE, United Arab Emirates Also join our whatsapp group 

Benefits Security Guard Jobs in Dubai For Pakistani

One of the most significant advantages of security guard jobs in Dubai for Pakistanis is the provision of free accommodation. Employers understand the importance of a comfortable living space for their employees and often offer fully furnished accommodation, ensuring that individuals have a safe and secure place to call home. This perk alleviates the financial burden of finding housing in a city known for its high cost of living, enabling Pakistani security guards to focus on their work and save money for their future.

While accommodation is provided free of charge, it’s important to note that free food is not typically included in the job package. However, with Dubai’s diverse culinary scene and a plethora of dining options available, security guards can explore various cuisines to satisfy their taste buds. Additionally, many budget-friendly eateries and supermarkets cater to different dietary preferences and offer affordable meal options, making it manageable for individuals to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Another enticing benefit of security guard jobs in Dubai is the provision of a free ticket. Employers often cover the travel expenses for Pakistani security guards, facilitating their journey from Pakistan to Dubai. This not only eliminates the financial burden of purchasing a plane ticket but also demonstrates the commitment of employers to welcoming and integrating their employees into the city’s workforce.

Moreover, employers recognize the importance of employee well-being and provide free medical services to Pakistani security guards. Access to quality healthcare is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the provision of free medical services ensures that individuals can receive timely medical attention and care when needed. This perk not only offers peace of mind but also reflects the employers’ commitment to the overall well-being of their employees.

Additionally, security guard jobs in Dubai for Pakistanis often come with health insurance coverage. This serves as a valuable safety net, providing financial protection and access to comprehensive medical services beyond the scope of the free medical benefits. With health insurance in place, Pakistani security guards can rest assured that they are covered in case of any unforeseen medical emergencies or situations requiring specialized treatment.

Furthermore, the package for security guard jobs typically includes free transportation. Employers often provide transportation services, ensuring that Pakistani security guards have a reliable means of commuting to and from their workplace. This convenience eliminates the need for individuals to worry about transportation costs or navigating the city’s extensive public transportation system.

In conclusion, security guard jobs in Dubai offer Pakistani individuals an enticing opportunity to work in a dynamic and prosperous city while enjoying a range of benefits. With free accommodation, free tickets, free medical services, health insurance coverage, and free transportation, these positions provide a comprehensive package that allows individuals to focus on their work and build a stable future. Dubai’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, cultural diversity, and economic opportunities further add to the appeal of these jobs. For Pakistanis seeking a rewarding career abroad, security guard jobs in Dubai serve as a gateway to a brighter future.


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Offer Expiry Date 13/06/2023

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Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) Details
OEP Licence 2795/RWP , Kahout International Valid
OEP Contact Sajjad Hussain , Office No.1, First Floor, Fifth Road, Zaman Heights, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi ,

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