Jobs In UAE for Pakistani for salesman salary 3000 (AED)

jobs in UAE for Pakistani

Jobs in UAE for Pakistani salesman Salary 3000 AED


Job title SALESMAN Salary 3000 Dirham (AED) Available / Total Jobs 44 / 50 Place of Duty

UAE, United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has become an increasingly popular destination for job seekers from Pakistan. One of the most common job roles Pakistani nationals take up in UAE is that of a salesman. jobs are available in various industries, including retail, wholesale, and services. Although salaries for sales in UAE vary depending on industry and experience, it is common for salesmen to earn 3,000 AED (Pakistani Rupees 128,775) per month In this essay, we will explore the benefits of jobs for Pakistani salesmen.


of the most significant benefits of working as a salesman in UAE is the opportunity to experience a new one. UAE has become a melting pot of nationalities, with thousands of ex-pats residing in the country. This diversity allows individuals to immerse themselves in different cultures, learn new languages, and broaden their worldviews. Such exposure is invaluable and can help individuals develop greater sensitivity toward different cultures and of living.

Another essential benefit of working as a salesman in UAE is job security. The UAE economy is stable and robust, with various industries continuing to create job opportunities annually. Furthermore, the UAE government has implemented various measures to protect expatriate workers’ rights and ensure that they are fair. This includes a minimum wage requirement, 30 days of annual leave, and mandatory insurance.


While free accommodation is not typically provided for salesmen in UAE, employers often offer allowances. This allowance helps employees pay for their accommodation and can significantly reduce their living expenses.

In healthcare, UAE provides comprehensive medical coverage for its residents. This includes both private and government, clinics, and pharmacies. As a Pakistani salesman in UAE, you will be entitled to medical treatment, which can provide significant peace of mind, especially in times of illness or injury. employers also offer health insurance benefits that provide additional coverage and support.

While free transportation is not provided for employees, the UAE has an extensive public transportation system comprising buses, taxis, and services. Employees can access these services at subsidized rates, making it easier and more affordable to work.

One of the most significant benefits of jobs in UAE for Pakistani salesmen is the to save money. With no personal income tax, employees can earn a higher net salary, which means they can save more money. This can be especially beneficial for individuals looking to support their families in the future.

Apart from financial benefits, working in UAE as a salesman can also be significant personal and professional growth opportunities. Salesmen often need to interact with customers and clients from backgrounds, which can improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Additionally, salesmen can develop their knowledge and sales techniques, which can help them grow in their careers.

While the UAE is a country, it is essential to be aware of its cultural and social norms to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. It is also vital to maintain a professional demeanor in the workplace.

Benefits of jobs in UAE for Pakistani salesman


Free Accommodation: No
Free Food: No
Free Ticket: Yes
Free Medical: Yes
Health Insurance: Yes
Free Transportation: No

Permission No. 1341520

Job Offer Expire Date

Offer Expiry Date 29/03/2023 If the Job offer Expires Then Click Here Dubai Jobs For Pakistani


jobs in uae for pakistani for salesman Contact Here


Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP) Details
OEP Licence 3940/RWP, Luckas Manpower Valid
OEP Contact Patras Parvez, Office No. 19, 2nd Floor, Kashmir Gate Plaza, Opposite Benazir Hospital, Murree Road, Rawalpindi. , Rawalpindi
Phone No: 051-4850066
Fax No: 051-4850066

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