Civil Engineering jobs in saudi arabia Salary 2500 Free Food Accomodation and Ticket

By | May 28, 2023

Civil Engineering  jobs in saudi arabia

Job title Civil Engineering Technician Salary 2500 Rial (SAR)
Available / Total Jobs 1 / 3 Place of Duty Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Benefits
Free Accommodation: Yes
Free Food: Yes
Free Ticket: Yes
Free Medical: Yes
Health Insurance: Yes
Free Transportation: Yes
Expiry Date 21/06/2023

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Civil Engineering Technician Jobs in Saudi Arabia: Lucrative Opportunities for Pakistani Professionals

Saudi Arabia, a country renowned for its booming construction industry, offers abundant employment prospects for skilled individuals seeking opportunities in the field of civil engineering. Among the various roles available, Civil Engineering Technicians play a crucial part in ensuring the successful completion of projects. This article explores the exciting prospects for Pakistani candidates interested in pursuing a career as a Civil Engineering Technician in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the attractive salary, comprehensive benefits, and the seamless application process available on our website.

Lucrative Salary:
Civil Engineering Technicians in Saudi Arabia enjoy competitive salaries that allow for a comfortable lifestyle and the opportunity to save. With a starting salary of 2500 Saudi Riyals, individuals can benefit from attractive remuneration packages. Additionally, the country’s low tax rates make the earning potential even more appealing.

Comprehensive Benefits:
In addition to the attractive salary, Pakistani candidates can benefit from a range of comprehensive benefits provided by employers in Saudi Arabia. These benefits include:

1. Free Accommodation: Employers offer free accommodation, ensuring a secure and comfortable living environment for Civil Engineering Technicians.
2. Free Food: Employers provide free meals or food allowances, reducing the cost of living and enhancing job satisfaction.
3. Free Ticket: Employers typically provide air tickets for travel to and from Saudi Arabia, making it convenient for Pakistani candidates to join and leave the country.
4. Free Medical: Comprehensive healthcare coverage is provided, ensuring access to quality medical services for Civil Engineering Technicians and their families.
5. Health Insurance: Employers offer health insurance plans, covering medical emergencies and treatments, thus providing peace of mind.
6. Free Transportation: Employers provide transportation facilities, ensuring hassle-free commuting to and from work.

Seamless Application Process:
Applying for Civil Engineering Technician jobs in Saudi Arabia has never been easier. Our website provides a user-friendly platform where Pakistani candidates can submit their applications effortlessly. The streamlined process ensures that qualified professionals have a fair chance of securing a rewarding position in their chosen field.

The eligibility criteria typically include a diploma or degree in civil engineering, relevant work experience, and proficiency in English. It is essential to provide accurate and up-to-date information, including educational qualifications, certifications, and a comprehensive resume to enhance the chances of securing a job offer.

Pakistani professionals in the field of civil engineering can seize the rewarding opportunities available as Civil Engineering Technicians in Saudi Arabia. With an attractive salary starting at 2500 Saudi Riyals and an array of comprehensive benefits such as free accommodation, food, tickets, medical coverage, health insurance, and transportation facilities, these jobs offer a promising career path.

Candidates interested in pursuing these opportunities can visit our website and take advantage of the seamless application process. By submitting their applications and showcasing their skills and qualifications, Pakistani professionals can embark on an exciting journey in Saudi Arabia’s thriving construction industry. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure a fulfilling career and a comfortable lifestyle in Saudi Arabia as a Civil Engineering Technician.

Civil Engineering  jobs in saudi arabia Contact Details


OEP Contact Abdul Razzaq , 16-Shalimar Plaza, 2nd Floor Chandni Chowk Murree Road, Rawalpindi , Rawalpindi , Punjab
Phone No: 051-4906532, 051-4906614
Mobile No: 03037752008, 03145100422

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